Autonomous Defect Detection Systems

Guaranteeing optimal quality levels during production

For manufacturing companies which have visual quality assurance steps during production, our computer-vision based ADDS service provides E2E or co-development R&D and development services and solutions support. 

Autonomous defect detection systems are designed to ensure quality levels during the production process by detecting anomalies or incents in the production lines and reacting on time.

Our ADDS solution has been designed through a hardware and software input combo (Thermal camera, Lidar, Usual camera, sensors, SCADA, SAP etc. ) and AI and computer vision algorithms, and can be easily integrated into any company´s system and any type of visual cameras or sensors. 

In comparison to other competitors and companies in the industry, our ADDS solution is mainly focused on ADDS rather than a wide range of Ml/AI development.

By implementing Lembitech´s ADDS solution, companies will be able to:

  • Achieve greater levels of production
  • Remove dependencies on employees’ qualifications
  • Reduce workload and improve work conditions.
  • Decrease maintenance controlling workload
  • Reduce machinery costs
  • Decrease educational and hiring efforts

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