AI Bots

Empowering companies to deliver a five-star CX

AI bots can enormously help companies deliver a superior Customer Experience by providing a seamless and engaging customer support.

According to Analytics Insight, it is estimated that by 2023, more than 800 million users in more than 190 countries will use chatbots to perform various activities including online shopping, banking, travel reservations and much more.

Our AI bot service can design, deliver or integrate and support communication (chat/email, voice) and help companies provide a 27/4 customer service across channels.

We work with a wide range of languages and provide any integration with existing bot engines available in the market. 

By implementing Lembitech´s AI bot solution, your customers will experience:

No need to depend on operators availability, as chatbots are part of the communication strategy

Chatbots can handle queries instantly and simultaneously, reducing the average response time

AI bots can help companies achieve a greater level of consistency and improve the Brand experience

AI bots are ready to detect customer´s interests and provide personalized services with ease

Key Benefits

24/7 customer support across channels

Increase Customer Engagement

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Improve efficiency by answering simple queries

Decrease L1 efforts

Reduce outsourcing costs

Industries We Can Support


Public Service

Retail & Ecommerce